UI/UX Design

Watch Easily

Your Journey to Awareness

The Mission

The Watch-Easily team is trying to address a very serious issue concerning the unhealthy lifestyle of people who end up suffering from anxiety and depression. This isn’t just a meditation app, it’s a journey to awareness.

My part was to design a friendly interface that people would connect with on an emotional level by using it every single day.

The Outcome

The design process was tough. A lot of back-and-forth with the management team led us to create an incredible journey for a community that seeks natural balance.

My mission was to create an experience that produces results, mainly because meditation is a process that needs to follow a particular order and definite principles to work.

Man Character from Watch-Easily
Woman Character from Watch-Easily
Background for Watcheasily
Watch-Easily Logo


•   User research
•   User Experience Design
•   User Interface Design

Happy Man Watch-Easily

Carpenco is an amazing designer and really cool to work with. He listens to the requirements really well so very few changes have to be made. The skillset and speed at which he works is also truly incredible. If you’re looking for a skilled, reliable designer who is really good at communication – this is your guy.

Jai Shukla

Co-founder, Watch-Easily