UI/UX Design

Pilot Training App

Replacing the old way of examining pilots

The Mission

Blue Air, one of the biggest airline companies in Romania, wanted to create a Training Assesment App to replace the hassle of in-flight written documents.

They needed an interface that would work with a lower brightness to not interfere with the pilot’s attention during night flights. In other words, we had to use Dark Mode before it was cool.

The Outcome

The whole user interface and experience of the app was designed in a wat that would help instructors better asses and examine other pilots.

The most difficult part was to create a flow between different phases of the flight by adding intuitive steps to be followed along the process.

The Impact

Since the launch of the app, trainer pilots have reportedly decreased the time spent on assessments and increased their time spent on giving relevant feedback to trainees. This eventually led to creating a more experienced and professional environment in the flight deck. 

Blue Air App Icon


•   User research
•   User Experience Design
•   User Interface Design

We redesigned our training application used for pilot simulator training to offer them an easy and intuitive access (you know…pilots old school guys). Carpenco helped us a lot, he is an amazing designer and really cool to work with. I was amazed at how quickly he understood and he completed all the implementation we required. If you’re looking for a skilled, reliable designer who is really good at communication – this is your guy.

Radu Valentin Meteescu

Blue Air, Training Director