UI/UX Design


Establishing trust in the unregulated cryptocurrency world

The Mission

In the unregulated cryptocurrency world, people need to get educated. They need a combination of well-designed stories and information to feel safe connecting with an industry-related brand. 

That’s what I and the people from Hashtec tried to achieve by designing their Brand Identity and Website.

The Logo

The components were created in a rounded shape forming the letter “H”. The logo has a balanced and friendly feeling to reassure the company’s mission.

Hashtec Mobile version

The Outcome

We designed the Hashtec visual identity from scratch, capturing the company’s trust and value in its logo and style guidelines. Afterward, we created a highly-effective website that will help educate future leads and convert them to customers.

Working with Carpenco was simple & efficient. I liked his way of putting things into place and brilliant ideas. Too many designers work for you, but this guy, this guy works with you.

Dragos Lipa

CEO, Hashtec