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Crew App

Meeting the requirements of the crew

The Mission

Blue Air, one of the biggest airline companies in Romania was set to create an app that would offer an easier way of communication between their planning department and flying crew.

My mission was to design an intuitive interface for crew members where important flight information had to be available at the tip of their fingers.

Homescreen Blue Crew App
Flight Details Blue Crew App
Roster Blue Crew App
Request Vacation Blue Crew App

The Outcome

Creating the best possible experience for the crew was no walk in the park. First, I had to listen to their pain points by conducting interviews on sight, listening to real cases that helped me create features to best suit their needs.

I had to design a product that would make the crew worry less about the flight details and focus more on the safety and comfort of their passengers.

Simple & Intuitive

Open menu app screen
logbook screen app
Blue Air App Icon


•   User research
•   User Experience Design
•   User Interface Design

The Impact

Since the launch of the app in 2017, there was an instant engagement from the flying crew. Over the years, the airline reported smaller annual delays, increased passenger satisfaction and became Romania’s best Airline Carrier.

Carpenco is an exceptional designer. He has an excellent ability to effectively listen and to proceed with each task at hand, both large and small. He is available when needed and is extremely prompt. He completes what he tells you he will complete. 

Madalina Jianu

Project Manager, Blue Air