UI/UX Design

Bitcoin Payment System

Bringing Bitcoin closer to the community of Naples

The Mission

Being one of the founding members of the Napoli Blockchain Association, I was set on a mission to bring the city of Naples closer to its long-term goal of becoming one of the friendliest blockchain cities in the world.

The Outcome

Since the recent crash in 2018, a lot of people lost their trust in the so-called currency of the future. This challenged us to create a friendlier approach, a simple interaction for payment terminals where people could use digital currencies at their local grocery store. 

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The Impact

The project is at its early stage and it already raised a lot of interest from the local community and other popular media channels such as Cointelegraph. Although the cryptocurrency space is stuck in the adoption cycle, we try to play our part and build the future brick by brick.


•   User research
•   User Experience Design
•   User Interface Design

From the Press

“A working group devoted to blockchain on the initiative of institutions, hundreds of volunteers from all over the world, a big and efficient plan for the future – it’s happening in Naples, the capital of the Italian region of Campania in the south of the country.”

Carpenco is a very dear friend of mine. I first discovered him on Quora and since then we have been working on a lot of interesting projects. When I decided to create the association, I couldn’t think of anyone better to help us with the user experience and interaction.  

Paolo Schiattarella

Founding Member, Napoli Blockchain Association